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As per CCIM norms (M.S.R.) there are 14 different departments functioning in the College in their own separate buildings with required nos. of staff. All the departments are well equipped with furnitures, required nos. of equipments, instruments & desktop computers.


  1. The department is functioning in its own building [Anatomy Block] having a dissection hall & a museum for practical demonstration of the students. Besides, there is a lecturer theatre for theoretical class & one store room & one office room. One room has been provided for preservation of cadavers.

    This department is imparting theory & practical training to both U.G. & P.G. students and carrying out Research activities in the subject and conducting Seminar in the subject.

    1. Dr. Prativa Samal, Reader & H.O.D.

    2. Sri Sankar Naik, Ward Bearer


  1. The department is functioning in its own building. One Physiological Lab. Is functioning for practical as well as experimental Lab if under process for installation. The department in under process of up gradation to P.G. level.

    1. Prof. Dr. B. B. Khuntia, Professor & H.O.D.

    2. Sri R. R. Nayak, Lab. Asst.

    3. Smt. A. Mahapatra, Peon

    4. Sri Runa Naik, Sweeper


  1. This department is functioning in the own building having a staff room, large hall for Yogasana and a Museum. The Museum is well equipped with a no. of charts and models. Students are performing Yoga Practical class in the large open hall.

    Besides, teaching of theory & practical aspects of the subjects to U.G. students, the students are conducting seminars and quiz programmes in the department. The students are used to visit infectious disease hospital, Kusthashram, Diary Farm etc. for their practical knowledge.

    1. Dr. H. K. Pani, Deployed Teacher & I/c H.O.D.

    2. Dr. Ramakanta Rout, Deployed Teacher


  1. This department is functioning in its own building. It is imparting teaching & training to the U.G., P.G. & Ph.D. scholars. Academic activities of the department is of high standard.

    The department is having a Museum which is well decorated with charts and models depicting statue of ancient Rishis and Photos of pioneers of Oisha Ayurveda in the past.

  2. Staff

  3. 1. Dr. R. K. Acharya, Reader & H.O.D.

    2. Dr. G. S. Dora, Reader, Sanskrit (Cont.)

    3. Dr. (Smt.) Krishna Mohanty, Lecturer

    4. Smt. Kamala Kumari Dei, Bearer


  1. The department is functioning in its own building and including a well decorated Museum. 300 nos. glasses bound photos of medicinal plants displayed in the wooden frames for the students.

    Dry drug samples are displayed in the show-cases. Ten samples of medicinal plants are preserved in jars for display. 300 herbaria sheets are kept for reference of U.G. & P.G. students of the institution. 100 nos. of charts are kept for demonstration of the students.


  1. The department of Rasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana is functioning in its own building. The department is imparting teaching both in theory and practical on the subject s of Rasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana to the under graduate, post graduate & Ph.D. Scholars of this college. Academic activities of the Dept. are of high standard. Research activities are also carried out by the faculties, P.G. & Ph.D. Scholars of the Dept. This Dept. is upgraded to P.G. standard in the year 2001-2002. This Dept. is well decorated with a museum having more than 300 charts and 150 models and 250 specimens for the demonstration of students. ROTP, CME and seminars are being organized at regular intervals in this Dept.

  2. Manufacturing Section(Pharmacy)

  3. The pharmacy attached to Rasashastra Dept. is functioning under direct supervision of the H.O.D. of Rasashastra Dept. and administrative control of Principal of the college. It is manufacturing a bout 120 no.s of Ayurvedic medicines by both classical & proprietary methods. Medicines are being prepared using various raw drugs. The annual production of the medicines in the pharmacy is about 15quintals. The cost of raw drugs procured about one lakh approximately of the local market rates to prepare the medicine. The prepared medicines are utilized for the patients of OPD & IPD of G.A.M. Hospital, Puri & in addition to this, the pharmacy is also manufacturing the trail compounds for research purpose of M.D. & Ph.D. scholars of this institution.

  4. Teaching staff of the Department

  5. Sl.No. Name Designation Qualification

    1. Prof (Dr.) Arun Ku. Das Professor & H.O.D. M.D.(Ay.)Jamunagar, Ph.D.(Utkal)

    2. Dr. Pravat Manjari Pani Reader M.D.(Ay.) Jaipur

    3. Dr. Rajib Kishore Jena Lecture M.D.(Ay.)Utkal

    4. Dr. Nishakara Pattanaik Deployed Teacher M.D.(Ay.)B.H.U.

    5. Dr. Brahmananda Pradhan Deployed Teacher M.D.(Ay.)Utkal

  6. Academic Activity

  7. 1-U.G.Student-The department is imparting teaching both theory and practical on subject Rasashastra and Bhaisajya Kalpana to 30 under graduate students in two batches (senior & junior). The teaching faculties of department are taking regular classes &conducting different practical basing on the approved CCIM syllabus. Theory& practical examination of the students are being carried out as per the provision of B.A.M.S.syllabus of Utkal University.

    2-M.D scholar- Two seat per year have been sanctioned by the AYUSH Dept. For conducting post graduate course in this department since2001.Presently two scholars are continuing in the final year M.D class. The senior faculties of the department are taking theory & practical classes of P.G scholars and guiding in their post graduate research work. The M.D scholars are preparing their own trial drugs in the attached pharmacy of the department for their research purpose. Departmental seminar is carried out on different topics at regular intervals. The M.D scholars are also attending OPD & IPD of the hospital for their research work.

    3- Ph.D. Scholar-Since 2010-11 Utkal University has sanctioned 12 no.s of seats for Ph .D course work declaring this institute as the nodal center for the Ph.D. research work. Accordingly 3-4 scholars are taken admission for Ph.D. course work in this department per year. The Ph.D. scholars are attending theory & practical classes in the subject during their course work. They are presenting research papers in the seminar during the course work programmed. The senior faculties are taking classes, conducting seminars and supervising Ph.D. scholars in their research work. The Ph.D. scholars and faculty teachers are also publishing research papers in different journals.

  1. 1- Introduction regarding Deptt.

    Prasuti tantra & Stree Roga Deptt. was established since 1949.This Deptt. is upgraded to Post Graduate standard in the year 1998. It deals with management of Yoni Vyapad, Artav Vyapad, Bandhyatwas ect. like diseases and it also takes care at Garvini, Prasava and Sutika.

  2. Teaching Staff

  3. 01 Prof. (Dr.) Kailas Bhusan Mahapatra H.O.D., Prasutitantra & Stree Roga M.D. (Ay.), Ph.D. (BHU) 9437151084

    02 Dr. Manjusri Sahoo Reader (Contractual) M.D. (Ay.) H.P., Ph.D. (Continue)

    03 Dr. Pramoda Kumar Majhi Lecturer M.S. (Ay.) Utkal, Ph.D. (Continue) 9438181089

    04 Dr. Mamata Kumari Swain Deployed teacher M.D. (Ay.) Jamnagar, Ph.D. (Continue) 9437251863

  4. Academic Activities

  5. a) U.G. teaching.

    b) P.G. teaching.

    c) Ph.D. Research activities in various fields.

    d) Theory and practical classes.

    e) Departmental weekly case presentation.

    f) Guest Lecturer.

    g) Papers published

    h) Annual study tour.

  6. Specialized procedures done

  7. Vasti Karma (Anuvasan vasti, Uttana vasti, Niruha vasti)

    Yoni Prakshalana

    Yoni Purana V. Dusting


    Sukra Vasti (I.U.I.)

    Agni Karma

    D & C

    D & E

    Pessary insertion


    Minor Surgical procedures

    Punch biopsy

    Copper - T. removal


    Endometrial biopsy

  8. Family planning

  9. Copper - T Insertion


    The department of Kaumarbhritya is functioning independently in the G.A.M. & Hospital being separated from Prasutitanta & Stree Roga department since 15.12.2008 as per the peoceeding of the meeting of all teaching staff of G.A.M., Puri held on 02.12.2008. The Academic activities Research activities and clinical activities continuing successful in the department.

  1. Teaching Staff of Department

  2. 1- Dr. B. K. Harichandan, I/c H.O.D., M.D. (Ayu.)(BHU), D.Y.

    2- Dr. Y. Maharatha, Contractual Reader, M.D. (Ayu.)

    3- Dr. Banashree Jena, Deployed Teacher, M.D. (Ayu.)

  3. Academic Activities

  4. 1- U.G. Scholars - 30

    2- M.D. Scholars - Nil

    3- Ph.D. Scholars - 01

  5. Procedure / Treatments done

  6. The department is providing special therapy like Snehana, Annalepa Sweda, Sali Shasthika Pinda Sweda, Vasti, Sirodhara in all types of Neural disorders with the collaboration of Panchakarma department besides management of common neonatal and pediatric problems with manageable pediatric emergencies are also provided in this department.

  1. The department is imparting teaching & training to U.G., P.G. & Ph.D. scholars. The department is upgraded to post graduate standard in the year 1998. It under takes OPD & IPD activities regularly. 21 nos. of beds have been allotted to this deptt. in the attached hospital of this institution.


  3. The cases of ano-rectal disease like piles & fistula etc. are operated successfully by Ayurvedic medicines and ksharasutra.


  5. The department has been provided with an operation theatre with necessary instruments & equipments. Operations are being conducted strictly on procedure laid down by Susruta. Operations are being extensively conducted on proctological diseases i.e. piles, fistula in ano, anal stricture, candilomata, anal cyst, anal tumor sinus & etc. Besides the proctological operation, many other diseases are being managed viz proctorrohea, incontinency of rectum, anal injury, acute fissure in ano & etc. Other operation like carbuncles, tumors, Hydrocele, pyocele, scrotal tumor, hernia, fractures & many other possible surgical disorders.


  7. An orthopedic unit is functioning under this department. The work of the unit includes management of fractures, dislocation, arthritis, aspiration from the joints & rehabilitation programmes.

  8. STAFF

  9. Dr. B. C. Senapati, Professor & H.O.D.

    Dr. H. R. Mohanty, Reader

    Dr. R. K. Kasta, Lecturer

    Dr. S. P. Mishra, Deployed Teacher

    Smt. S. R. Swain, Staff Nurse

    Sri Narayan Jena, Attd.

  10. Ph.D degree offered by Utkal University, Bhubaneswar(Odisha)

  1. The department is imparting teaching & training to U.G. & P.G. scholars. It under takes OPD & IPD activities regularly. It has a Dental wing alongwith Eye unit where regular extraction of tooth being conducted. With eye testing , Tarpana, Nasyakarma, Karnapurana & all netrakalpana are also conducted. Ay. Eye drops & ointments are widely used for eye & ear diseases.

  2. STAFF

  3. 1. Dr. S. K. Patel, Professor & H.O.D.

    2. Dr. N. P. Naik, Deployed teacher

    3. Dr. A. K. Biswal, Deployed teacher

    4. Dr. Pratima Devi, Deployed teacher


  1. This department is functioning in the clinical building & imparting teaching & training to U.G., P.G. & Ph.D. (Ay.) scholars. The department is upgraded to post graduate standard in the year 1978 and about 200 nos. of scholars have been awarded M.D. (Ay.) degree conducting research on different topics with scientific background.The thesis of this research works are available in the Library of Gopabandhu Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya.

  2. STAFF

  3. 1. Dr. Sudarsan Behera, Professor & H.O.D.

    2. Dr. B. K. Panda, Reader

    3. Dr. J. B. Dash, Reader (Cont.)

    4. Dr. P. P. Mallik, Lecturer

    5. Dr. B. K. Das, Lecturer, Statistics

    6. Dr. S. K. Pradhan, Deployed teacher

    7. Dr. S. L. Sahoo, Deployed teacher

    8. Dr. S. Mishra, Deployed teacher


  1. The department is functioning in a separate block with full fledged laboratory. It imparts teaching to the students on pathology both in theory & practical aspects. Routine examination of blood, urine, Sputum, semen & stool are daily carried out in this deptt.


  3. Apart from pathological & clinical investigation other facilities like X-Ray, Microduplar, Auto analyzer, Physiotherapy chart, models & audiovisual kits are put under use in the event of teaching & clinical classes.

  4. STAFF

  5. 1. Dr. Sarita Mohanta, Lecturer & I/c H.O.D.

    2. Dr. B. S. Pal, Deployed Teacher

    3. Sri B. N. Sahu, Lab. Asst.

    4. Smt. Kabita Pani, Lab. Tech.

    5. Smt. Prativa Das, Tech. Asst.

  1. Panchakarma department deals with the puricatory measures like Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Niruha & Anubasana vasti along with snehapana & swedana therapies availing classical methods. Special system of Panchakarma treatment undertaken in Kerala has been introduced in this deptt. Cases of paralysis, Rheumatoid Arthritis & various other Arthritis cases, sciatica are encouragingly treated by this method. About 20-30 OPD & IPD cases are provided panchakarma treatment daily.

    Govt. of Odisha is planning to allocate special funds to this Deptt. for treatment of some incurable conic diseases by the typical Keraliya Panchakarma method.

  2. STAFF

  3. 1. Dr. D. P. Dash, Reader & H.O.D.

    2. Dr. B. K. Goswami, Deployed Teacher

    3. Sri P. K. Chhotaray, Compounder


  1. The department of Agadatantra (Toxicology) is functioning in it’s building. The department is imparting teaching on forensic medicine, modern medical jurisprudence along with classical description of Ayurveda covering the legal aspect along with the knowledge regarding management of cases of poisoning. This deptt. is well equipped with a museum with sufficient charts & models.

  2. STAFF

  3. 1. Dr. S. K. Jayasingh, Lecturer & I/c H.O.D.




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