Department of Dravyaguna

The department is functioning in a separate building, including departmental museum having 300nos. Saliant Feature of he department is as follows:

  • Glasses bound photos of medicinal plants displayed in the wooden frames for the practical demonstration of students.
  • Dry drug samples are displayed in the show-cases.
  • Ten samples of medicinal plants are preserved in jars for display.
  • 300 herbariums sheets are kept for reference.
  • 300 compilations on individual drugs have been kept for reference of U.G. & P.G. students of the institution.
  • 100 nos of charts are kept for demonstration of the students.

  • Herbal garden

    Existing herbal garden covering 2acres of land has been developed adjacent to the department. Having 250 species of medicinal plants. Out of which 15 species are under rare category.
    Another herbal garden has been developed in the college premises.