From the year 1949 to1960, this institution imparted teaching leading to the Diploma of D.A.M.S. & Visagratna of four & half year course & imparted teaching both in Ayurveda & Modern Medicines.

As it was felt that the D.A.M.S diploma holders had an orientation in Modern Medicines & their service were utilized by the Govt. in modern side during acute dearth of Doctors in the state, the admission for such course was stopped for two years i.e from 1961-63, a total number of 298 students completed this course successfully & most of them were employed subsequently under the health deptt.

Thereafter, Suddha Ayurvedic course of study by central suddha Ayurvedic board was introduced from the session 1963-64 leading to the degree of B.A.M.S. which extend over a period of five & half Years duration including Housemanship for a period of six month. The examination of the above course was conducted by the Odisha State Faculty of Ayurvedic Medicines. A total number of 50 students completed this course successfully during the year 1963-64 to 1973. The Mahavidyalaya got affiliation with the Utkal University during the year 1973-74. Mean while a course of study was prescribed by the central council of Ayurvedic medicines which was introduced in this Mahavidyalaya since 1976. This course extend over a period of five & half years including housemanship training for a period of six month.

A pass in Intermediate or equivalent qualification was prescribed as the minimum qualification for admission to the degree course of B.A.M.S in the year 1968. The central council of Indian medicines has prescribed the minimum qualification for admission into B.A.M.S. degree course of five & half years duration has been introduced in this college as per the syllabus of N.C.I.S.M., Ministry of AYUSH, New Delhi including one year housemanship.

The Kayachikitsa, Shalyatantra, Rasashastra & Bhaisajya kalpana, Prasutitantra, & Kaumarabhritya Department are up-graded to post-graduate level & admission of students to this course are being made regularly. The course of study extends over a period of three years duration.