Department of Rasasastra

The department of Rasashastra is one of the important deptt. Of this Medical College. The imparting teaching both in theory & practical on the subjects of Rasashastra & Bhaisajakalpana to the Under Graduate & Post Graduate students of this Mediacal college.


The pharmacy attached to Rasashastra manufacturing 120 nos. of Ayurvedic Medicines by classical & proprietary method. The above medicines are prepared using 276 nos. of raw-drugs. The annual production capacity of the medicines in the pharmacy is about 15 quintals. The cost is about one lakh approximately of the local market rates. To prepare the above medicines there is provision of Rs30, 000/- for purchase of raw-drug per annum. The prepared medicines are utilized for the patient of OPD & IPD of the hospital of this institution & in addition to this the pharmacy is also manufacturing the trial medicines for research purposes of both PG & Ph.D Scholars.
Post graduate studies in the subject of Rasashastra & Bhaisajya kalpana has been introduced from the session 2001-2002. Necessary funds for the purpose have already been received by this institution from Govt. of India.
A new pharmacy building has been constructed for smooth running of the pharmacy work.